Verification Services FAQ

The following are FAQs about the SRNA’s e-Register, which includes public information about the registration status of a member - Graduate Nurse (GN), Registered Nurse (RN), Registered Nurse (Graduate Nurse Practitioner) [RN(GNP)], Registered Nurse (Nurse Practitioner) [RN(NP)], RN with additional authorized practice, Retired Member, and Life Member.


What is the e-Register?

As part of its legislated responsibility, the SRNA has always maintained a Register of public information that includes a member’s name and registration status, category of membership, effective and expiry dates, and an asterisk (*) to indicate encumbrances/restrictions/or conditions.  The complete Register, as outlined in the Bylaws is not part of the e-Register at this time.


Will past information be on the e-Register?

The e-Register will reflect the current licensure year from December 1st to November 30th.  Changes, including gaps in licensure for the licensure year will be displayed on the e-Register as they occur in real time. Historical information will not be part of the e-Register.


Will personal information be on the e-Register?

Personal information, such as home address and phone numbers, are not included on the e-Register and will not be made available to the public.  As well the details of restrictions or conditions will not be written on the e-Register.

What other information will be available on the e-Register?

The e-Register will have an asterisk (*) if there are any restrictions or conditions on a member’s licence.  Please contact the SRNA if you would like more information.


Can I have my information removed from the e-Register?

This is a legal responsibility.  As personal and professional contact information is not part of the e-Register at this time, there is a balance between the public’s right to know and the member’s right to privacy.


There is an asterisk (*) next to a member’s name in the e-Register, what does this mean?

An asterisk can mean many things.  It can mean that a member is subject to a discipline order or that they have entered into a Consensual Competence Resolution Agreement/ Consensual Resolution Agreement.  If you require information about a member because of an asterisk (*) please call the SRNA.  If you are a potential employer, the member is obligated to inform you of any restrictions or conditions imposed on their licence.


If a member is in the middle of an investigation at the SRNA, but there hasn’t been an outcome, does that information go on the e-register?

No.  Only when a decision has been made or a Consensual Competence Resolution Agreement/ Consensual Resolution Agreement has been reached will a member’s name be marked with an asterisk (*).


If there was a disciplinary hearing and the committee made no findings, does that information stay on the e-Register indefinitely?

No.  Information about a referral to the discipline committee will not be on the e-Register until there is a final outcome.  If the committee does make a finding of professional misconduct or incompetence against a member, an asterisk (*) will be posted with the member’s name on the e-Register.