Practicing RN Renewal Registration

To be eligible for registration, in the last five years you must have either:

Worked at least 1125 hours of RN nursing practice; or

Graduated from an approved RN nursing education program; or

Completed an approved RN nursing re-entry program (i.e.Saskatchewan Polytechnic Nursing Re-Entry Program or equivalent).  If you have completed a nursing re-entry/refresher program within the last five years and have not practiced 1125 hours as a RN since that date, have the transcript forwarded by the nursing program directly to our office. 

For more information on hours please click here

If you last practiced as a RN in another jurisdiction:

Complete the Verification of Current/Most Recent Registration/Licensure form and send the required fee ( if applicable), to the regulatory body in the jurisdiction where you most recently worked as a RN. The regulatory body will complete their section and return this form directly to the SRNA office.

If you have not worked in Saskatchewan for five years or more:

Complete the Consent Form to Obtain Employment Verification Information and send directly to the SRNA office. You must provide the contact information for your most recent RN nurse manager. SRNA will send this form along with a reference questionnaire to your nurse manager; they must return the questionnaire directly to the SRNA office. You may upload this document (in the upload & download documents tab) or you may scan and email the consent form to or fax to 306-359-0257 or mail directly to the SRNA office.

Surname Change:

If your surname has changed since you were last registered in Saskatchewan, you will be able to upload a clear photocopy of your change of name documentation (e.g. marriage certificate).  If you wish to go back to a previous surname (e. g. maiden name), you will be able to change in Former Name in your Profile

Dual RN Registration Means:

RN registration in another jurisdiction affiliated with CNA for the same year you are applying for licensure in Sask. (Excludes Quebec and CNO).  SRNA will require proof of RN registration in another Canadian Jurisdiction or RNAO in Ontario.

Please go to Login & New Account to set up an account or to sign in.


Once your account has been set up, go to the MYSRNA tab/Begin Registration & Licensure/Begin your application here. 


All outstanding requirements must be received and verified before the renewal process can be completed.

It is your responsibility to confirm that your RN License has been issued before you begin work. Confirmation of your registration can be found by using our Verification Service.

Practicing without a license is in violation of The Registered Nurses Act, 1988 and you would have no liability coverage through CNPS.

RN Licenses expire each year on November 30th, regardless of when renewal occurs. If you have a current practicing RN license in Saskatchewan, the SRNA will send you instructions to apply for annual renewal mid September of each year.