Initial Nurse Practitioner (NP) Applicants

Becoming a NP in Saskatchewan requires:

Holding current RN registration in Saskatchewan or a Canadian jurisdiction

Completing an approved NP program in Saskatchewan or a recognized NP program elsewhere in Canada

Successfully passing an NP registration exam for your specialty of practice 

How to apply for nurse practitioner registration and licensure

Before applying for your initial NP registration, you need to hold a current RN registration with SRNA. If you are registered as a RN in another Canadian province or territory, and have completed a recognized NP program, please see the registration requirements for initial RN registration and licensure with SRNA.

Initial RN Registration 

Let us know you want to apply

Contact so we can provide the application for NP assessment.

NP assessment form and fee

Complete the NP assessment form and submit the non-refundable fee of $157.50.

Pass the NP Registration Exam for the practice specialty you are applying for

See how to apply for the NP registration exam