Canadian Educated: Instructions to Apply for a Graduate Nurse Licence

On-line Checklist communication

We communication with you about your application by using the on-line Checklist. All requirements for licensure are found on your on-line Checklist.

Canadian Graduates

To be eligible for a Graduate Nurse Licence, you must complete:  

1. one form that includes both the Intent to Apply and SRNA-NCLEX-RN® applications;

2. submit the required documents that are listed on your Checklist;  

3. remit the fees for both the Intent to Apply and SRNA NCLEX-RN®;

4. starting June 1, 2017, submit a Vulnerable Sector Check report; and  

5. complete the GN licence application.


How to complete the application for GN licensure

1. To complete the Intent to Apply and SRNA NCLEX-RN application, follow the directions for the NCLEX-RN® and submit the documents that are listed for the NCLEX-RN®. To obtain a receipt for fee payment, click on Order History    

2. After your Intent to Apply and SRNA NCLEX-RN® application and fee(s) are received, the application for the GN Licence will appear under Continue your Application  If the application does not appear, send an email to with your name and your date of birth, and SRNA staff will reset the link.

Note: The first page of the GN Licence application does not apply to this licensure. Click on the “Next” button at the bottom of the page and complete the application, and remit the fee.

3. Starting June 1, 2017, applicants seeking a Graduate Nurse Licence are required to submit a Vulnerable Sector Check (VSC) report that has been issued by the police force where you live (e.g. RCMP, city police or police service).

- Submit your VSC report with your GN licence application by selecting the Vulnerable Sector Check from the drop-down list on your Requirements Checklist & Document Upload  
- The VSC report must be issued within the previous six (6) months of the date of application for licensure (e.g. application date is June 1, 2017 means the report must have been issued after Dec 1, 2016). Any costs associated with a VSC report are the responsibility of the applicant.
- The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) processes criminal record checks. Click here for information. To contact your local city police check their website for information.
- The VSC report requirement does not apply to those graduates who are only writing the NCLEX-RN® with the SRNA, and plan to seek a GN or RN license in another province.
- Click here for Q & A’s on the VSC. 
- If you have questions about this new requirement, contact

4. Once all licensure requirements are met, your online Checklist will be updated, and you will be issued a GN licence. You are responsible to check that you are licenced to practice before you work. Check your licence on the Registered Nurse Verification Service and inform your employer to also check your licence on this service.

Keep track of your licensure dates. A GN licence is for a 4-month period and there are only 2-4 month extensions after the first GN licence. Practising without a licence is in violation of The Registered Nurses Act, 1988 and there is no liability coverage through CNPS.

Important Graduate Nurse Licence Information

If you are registered to take the NCLEX-RN® with another jurisdiction (i.e. CARNA, CRNM), and want a GN licence in Saskatchewan, you must only complete the Intent to Apply application, available under the continue your application process. The SRNA will communicate what requirements you must submit by your online Checklist

Applications will remain valid for one year from the date of the last contact by the applicant. Last contact shall be defined as the provision of documentation/information to support the application process. Regulations and entry requirements are subject to bylaw and policy changes, please observe the SRNA website and SRNA communications (e.g. email, Newsbulletin) for changes.

Once you have passed the NCLEX-RN® or Quebec Order of RN (OIIQ), you are no longer eligible for a GN licence or a GN extension.  You will be emailed information on how to apply for initial RN licensure.

Applying for a GN licence extension

It is your responsibility to ensure that the requirements for GN registration are received at the SRNA in time to be processed before your current GN Licence expires.  If your GN Licence expires before it is renewed, you must notify your employer that you are unable to work until you have obtained an extension.

Apply for First GN Extension

Apply for the Second GN Extension

Ongoing GN licensure requirements

GNs who are requesting a 3rd GN licence extension are required to provide a signed and dated letter attesting that he/she has participated in the CCP and has completed a personal assessment of the SRNA Standards and foundation Competencies for the practice of Registered Nurses, has obtained feedback and developed a learning plan. Click here for information on the CCP.

Internationally Educated Nurse

You must be scheduled to write the NCLEX-RN® in order to be eligible for a GN licence. Once all requirements have been met for the NCLEX-RN® a GN Registration application link will appear under Continue your application process

Changes after applying

Ensure your contact information is kept up-to-date. Changes can be made by going to Update your contact info.

The SRNA must be notified if your change your name(s) after your initial application (e.g. changes with marriage). You will need to use your Checklist to submit a clear copy of your marriage/change of name documentation.



Begin an Application  


Apply for First Extension