Canadian Nurse Practitioner Examination (CNPE)

General Announcement and Exam Dates

The CNPE examination is offered in Regina. It is a paper based examination with 190-220 multiple choice questions. The multiple choice questions are either stand alone or based on a case presentation. The exam is written over a single four hour session.

How to apply

1. Contact so we can provide the application form 

Exam Dates and Attempts 
Candidates are permitted three attempts to pass the CNPE (this includes any attempts in other jurisdictions).


 Examination Date  Deadline to Apply
 May 2, 2018
 March 1, 2018
 October 10, 2018  August 16, 2018

Note: If the deadline to apply has passed, a fifty dollar ($50.00) fee will be charged for each candidate whose name is added as a late addition and is within 5 weeks of the examination writing date. 

Special Accommodation

If you require special accommodations for writing the exam, please contact us at 1-306-359-4200 (1-800-667-9945 toll free) three months prior to the exam date.

Examination Withdrawal

Candidates are permitted three attempts to pass the CNPE (this includes any attempts in other jurisdictions).

We recommend that candidates do not write any exam when under physical or emotional duress as this may affect their performance.

Candidates may withdraw from the exam in advance, up to and including, the scheduled date of the exam before writing commences.

Refunds will only be available when notification is provided prior to the examination writing date.
The refund amount will be the amount refunded by Assessment Strategies Inc., less a $70 administration fee.

If a critical circumstance arises and you are not able to attend the examination writing, you must contact us prior to the writing date or the examination will count as a writing attempt and you will lose the entire examination fee.

Exam Results

All examination results are provided to us by ASI

Results for exams are usually received within six weeks of the writing date and are sent by mail only.

Results are reported as pass or fail.

Candidates who have met all other eligibility requirements and have passed the CNPE will receive information regarding:
Exam results
Application for RN(NP) registration and licensure

Candidates who are unsuccessful will receive information regarding:
Exam results
Exam scoring
Application for future exam writings
Tips and resources for future exam writings
Candidates who have failed may appeal their result and request a re-scoring by submitting an application and required fee of $65.00.

Examination Preparation Resources

Canadian Nurse Practitioner Exam (Family/All Ages Specialty of Practice) 

Study guides are available for purchase from the Canadian Nurses Association (CNA)
Call 1-800-385-5881 or order online