Resources to Prepare for the NCLEX

SRNA Standards and Foundation Competencies for the Practice of Registered Nurses
CNA Code of Ethics and  CNA Code of Ethics Learning Modules

2016 NCLEX-RN® Test Plan & Detailed Test Plans


Learn more about the content and scope of the NCLEX-RN® by reviewing the basic and detailed versions of the NCLEX Test Plans.  These documents are available in English and French.

NCSBN's Review of the NCLEX-RN Examination

Take the stress out of studying! NCSBN’s NCLEX online review class allows you to study at your own pace, giving you unlimited 24-hour access to unparalleled NCLEX preparation resources.

Find information about the process of taking the NCLEX, rules and policies, exam development and scoring at!

NCLEX® Candidate Bulletin

Find everything you need to know about the process of taking the NCLEX®.   

NCLEX® Using CAT Video

Familiarize yourself with how the NCLEX using computerized adaptive testing (CAT) works including how each item (question) is selected and how a result is determined. 

NCLEX Candidate FAQs

Find answers to the most common questions that we receive from all NCLEX Candidates as well as questions specific to Canadian candidates.

NCLEX® Tutorial

Take a look at the same tutorial that you will take at the beginning of your NCLEX exam, including a look at the different item formats that you might see on your exam.  The tutorial will also be available in French in Summer 2014.



NCLEX Review Courses & Study Materials

NCSBN® does not recommend or endorse any NCLEX review courses or study materials. Please note that items in these courses and materials may not be reflective of NCLEX content, format or NCLEX-RN Test Plan distribution.